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There’s something amazing that happens to my husband and I when we travel. It’s a chance to get out of the routine, to not feel so drained and to focus on what’s in front of us. There’s no work responsibilities, no bills to pay, no emails to respond to, we can truly focus on the moment and really be present. Because of this, when we travel together we are the perfect version of ourselves.

We are attentive and listen without distractions. We are adventurous and throw caution to the wind. We challenge each other to try new things whether that be a type of food or drink or to go down the highest water slide. We have to work together in stressful situations. Things might go wrong, flights might be missed or maybe someone booked the hotel on the wrong date because they forget about the time zone (oops!) but we handle it together and as a team we get through it. It’s an opportunity where we can slow down and just enjoy the company. Taking in the view, foods, drinks and sounds. We people-watch and talk about things we haven’t talked about in a while like what you want to do in 10 years or what’s your biggest accomplishment.

It’s not that these things don’t happen at home, but with day-to-day tasks, responsibilities, the draining days of work and stress it can be easy to fall in a routine and just go through the motions. To forget to stop and take it all in and pay attention to what you’re seeing or eating or hearing. Traveling breaks the routine and opens your eyes and when you do it with the one you love, they’re all you see and you can fall more in love with them than before.



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