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Today marks two years of marriage since we exchanged vows in beautiful Barbados. As I type this, I’m overwhelmed thinking that we’ve been together for a total of six years and how that feels both crazy short and also crazy long – like it feels as though we’ve been together forever!

Last year’s anniversary was a huge surprise and a big celebration so this year we opted for something low-key but equally as special. We spent the day yesterday just hanging out spending time together. It was a perfect sunny day so we brought our pup to the park and sat on the grass just chatting. Then we stopped by a patio in our neighbourhood for drinks and we finished it off cuddled up on the couch with sushi and wine. It’s my version of the perfect date: simple and easy, just enjoying each other’s company.

We reminiced on the past year and tried to think of all the big things we’ve done, which turned out to be a lot – we bought a new condo, found out we have a love for watching boats and planes land from our view, we bought a car, took a trip to Mexico, struggled with home renos (it took about 5 hours and 10 drill bits just to drill a hole in our bathroom tile!), and this year (aside from one recent incident) Bella wasn’t recovering from an injury or surgery (thank god).

We’ve gone through a lot in a quick time and throughout it all had tons of laughs. It’s a feeling of pride to remember it all and how we’ve just grown closer and more in love. This past year has especially been a big tester as I’ve grown more comfortable in my business yet still dealt with the daily ups and downs and Robin has always been a consistent motivator and supporter, even though you’d think I’d drive him crazy. Each day he sees the true, authentic, real me and while I can be hyper or moody or an OCD clean freak he still loves it all. We get to do life together and go through each year celebrating the big things and little things and I’m especially excited to spend forever by his side.


These wonderful photos were taken by Gina Francesca Photography

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