Three Years

We were sitting at our dining room table enjoying a delicious breakfast (that Robin made of course) and talking about our plans for the week when we both realized that it was May and that meant our three-year wedding anniversary was in a few days. Both of us couldn’t believe that it had already been another year – I’m sure I’ll say this each year, but time really does fly. It was another year full of laughs, challenges, growth and even more love. We traveled to Jamaica, continued to make our condo a home, explored our amazing city, celebrated each other’s 30th birthdays and we navigated life with me running a business.

The truth is, behind the scenes of what appears to be the glamours entrepreneur life, is someone who picks up the slack and holds it all together. Who makes sure I eat breakfast in the morning, that Bella has dog food, and that we always have wine stocked! Who reminds me that I should go outside, that I might want to shower and that I’m allowed to take a day off. Robin works tirelessly for our family and does it all with the biggest smile on his face. He’s always willing to help, to listen and to motivate me whenever I need it. We have a marriage where we both support each other’s passions and goals and we encourage the other to chase their dreams. And while he knows I’m his biggest cheerleader, he tends to be mine more often. Each day I wonder how I was so lucky to do life with him and to have found someone who supports me so much.

Because we have opposite schedules, I’m busiest in the summer and him in the winter, we make a point to go away when Robin’s season dies down. We’ve been doing it almost each year since we started dating and it usually falls pretty close to our anniversary. It’s a time to get away and enjoy each other’s company with no day-to-day stresses before work gets busy again. This year is no different and at the end of the month we’ll be heading west for a two-week drive down the coast. I can’t wait to soak up the sun, take in the sights, sip on amazing wine in Napa and just hang out with my best friend. But for today, we’ll be celebrating with some champagne, a dinner at home and extra cuddles on the couch – and if I’m lucky, maybe some burritos!


Photo by Gina Francesca Photography

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