First Seven Jobs

A couple weekends ago the question “what were your first seven jobs?” was a huge topic on social media and it got me thinking about mine and how random they all are but they’ve all led me to do what I love. So for fun, here’s my seven:

  1. Babysitter & Cat-sitter. I don’t think I could even call this a job because I only babysat for two families that lived down the street from me. I would show up and the kids would go to bed so then all I’d do was homework and watch tv. Man I wish I knew then how good I had it!
  2. Cashier at Loblaws. This was the big one. I started this job when I was 16 and I left when I was 21. Five years was a pretty big deal and it was actually one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It was an amazing setup, I’d work the evening shifts after school with all my friends! Literally, there were seven of us all in a row on cash so we’d chat and hang out. They also gave time-and-a-half on Sundays and holidays and they worked off a seniority system so even though I went away for university, I could come home during breaks and get the best shifts. Sadly, I still know most of the produce codes and I have really high standards when it comes to bagging my groceries.
  3. MEXX & Reitmans. I’ll combine these because I worked at Mexx and Reitmans during summers while in university so they don’t really count. But they both taught me two important things: that I can convince anyone to buy clothing and that I shouldn’t work somewhere that gives employee discounts because my pay check suffered!
  4. Carlton Cards. I worked at Carlton Cards my last two years at university. It was such a calm experience during the stresses of university life. No one is ever angry buying a greeting card!
  5. CPA Ontario (non-profit). I started working for CPA in my last year of university where I’d help the Communications Coordinator update their website. It was a work-from-home scenario so it was perfect while balancing class. When I graduated I was hired on full-time as their Development Coordinator which essentially meant I worked with communications, sponsorships, events, and their online fundraising system – which leads into the next job…
  6. AKA New Media. I became an account manager working on the online fundraising system that CPA Ontario used. I spent five years there working with non-profits helping them create websites and train them on the system so they could easily raise money online.
  7. Photographer. It’s crazy to think this has been my job title for the past three years! Throughout all those previous jobs I had always loved photography as a hobby. I really thought being a photographer was a pipe dream but one day I decided to just go for it! I get to work with the most amazing clients and every day I’m doing something new. I can honestly say that the phrase “if you chose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” is true!


So what were your first seven jobs? I’d love to hear why you worked where you did and what you’re doing now!


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