Those First Dates


A little fun fact is that my relationship with Robin started out on a lie! (Say what!) And after seeing a trailer for the most recent Fast and the Furious movie (how many are there now?!?) I was reminded of our first date.

We met for dinner and Robin took me to his favourite all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant where I out-ate him (he claims he was too nervous). The conversation was easy and we were having such a great time that neither one of us wanted the date to end so we decided to go see a movie. There weren’t many options at the time so we agreed on Fast & Furious as I was interested in seeing it and Robin said he hadn’t seen it yet. During the movie we were like young kids, nervous and giddy. I remember placing my hand close to his willing him to hold it but unsure if he wanted to. After the movie we still didn’t want the night to end so we played air-hockey and dance revolution (yes, I got him to play dance revolution and he beat me at it!). The night continued and we walked around the area, closed down a coffee shop and then dragged on our goodbye in the subway. It was the perfect night that signifies when our relationship took off and thinking back on it brings out those giddy, nervous feelings that come with the first few dates.

It was about a year later that Robin admitted that he had already seen the movie – twice!! Apparently he had friends visiting at the time and they had seen the movie a few days before and when I had asked if he had seen it, he said no just so we wouldn’t have to end the date. It’s a lie based on the sweetest intentions and even though I know he just wanted to spend more time with me I still tease him all the time that he started our relationship on a lie.


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I'm a Toronto-based Wedding and Lifestyle photographer. Obsessed with lattes, my dog, and having fun. I believe in silly dance moves, celebrating each moment in life, and that laughter makes everything better - as well as a good glass of wine!


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