Entering My Late Twenties

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my upcoming birthday (in seven days!!!) and life and that I seem to be getting closer and closer to that ripe age of 30 (yes I know all those over the age of 30 are shaking their heads at me, but you were here once before so let me go with it!) Any 20-something is concerned with turning 30. You go from being this “young” person experimenting and trying to figure out what you want in life to being someone who should have their shit together and life figured out. Naturally, you just want to stay young and oblivious forever but that can’t happen so enter the stresses. I’m actually not that stressed out about almost being 30, I’m more excited than anything (talk to me again when I’m turning 35 and I may be singing a different tune!). I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I’m happy with almost every aspect of my life at the moment. There’s obviously things that bother me or stress me out, things that go wrong or things I could improve but overall life is great. If I were my 20-year-old self looking at the me today I would think that girl has got it made! So instead of focusing on things that should be done (or won’t be done) before I turn 30, I’ll instead embrace the end of my twenties with contentment and appreciation for all the positives in my life.

And to make this upcoming birthday a bit more fun for everyone, here are some fun facts about me! I’ll be turning 28 so to keep this short (and for your sanity) lets say 2+8=10 so here are 10 things about me:

1. I’m a little super crazy when it comes to cleaning and organizing.
2. I love granny smith apples. (I have at least one a day)
3. I paint my nails a different colour each week.
4. I watch really (really) bad TV (like the Bachelor or Four Weddings or Keeping up with the Kardashians! Don’t judge)
5. I really like penguins.
6. I could live off of chips & salsa.
7. I wish I read books more. I used to all the time and now I just read blogs or magazines.
8. I laugh until I cry at least once a day… usually it’s because of my own jokes!
9. I really dislike hot, humid weather… unless I’m near a beach.
10. I can do a really good impression of a t-rex or a raptor.


PS: Did you catch this shoot featured on Style Me Pretty Living last week?!!

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I'm a Toronto-based Wedding and Lifestyle photographer. Obsessed with lattes, my dog, and having fun. I believe in silly dance moves, celebrating each moment in life, and that laughter makes everything better - as well as a good glass of wine!


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