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I’ve actually always been obsessed with barre but it’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve made it a consistent routine. When I first started taking barre classes I was the anti-gym-rat. I hated going to the gym – especially public ones – and the idea of attending a class terrified me. I’m not coordinated in any way, I was never a dancer, and I prefer to workout solo. So when an old coworker asked if I’d go with her to this new barre studio you’d think I would have said no. Instead, I thought that since she’d be going with me, it would be something fun to try and get a break during our lunch hour. The first class was hilarious and my uncoordinated limbs couldn’t keep up but it was actually a ton of fun. The instructor was super helpful (and patient) and after trying a few more classes I was hooked and barre became my regular workout.

When I left that job and then moved to the Distillery District I needed to find a barre studio that was up to my high standards and that’s how I found Yogathletix. Ever since I found it over a year and half ago, I’ve been hooked. They have an assortment of classes (yoga, cycle, and cardio classes) and all of them are challenging and fun. There’s so many reasons why I love it, but here’s a few narrowed down:

1. One of the things I dislike most about going to a gym is coming up with a workout plan beforehand. I can put together a few great workouts but after doing them for weeks, it gets boring and I can never think of anything new. With Yogathletix you don’t have to think about what workout to do. The instructors put together fun, challenging, and unique classes so you can just show up, not have to plan anything, and get a great workout.

2. The staff and members are an amazing community of people who are all nice, friendly and encouraging. One of the reasons why I hated gyms and classes in the past was because they were so intimidating and pretentious. This studio caters to every age group, body type or fitness level without judgment so there’s no fear going into it.

3. It’s improved my balance. I didn’t realize how much I benefitted from barre until I photographed a wedding with tall clients. I’m usually the tall one but whenever someone is taller than me I would go on my tippy-toes to either be in line with them or a bit higher. This is not an easy task when you’re holding a heavy camera and camera bag but I’ve noticed such a difference with my balance since doing barre. (So it’s a win for my clients too!)

4. It’s something to be proud of. It’s not easy getting to a class everyday so that minor accomplishment can have such a huge impact on your self esteem. Every class I go to, I notice that I can do more pushups or hold a blank longer, it’s a feeling of pride to see how you’re improving at something. And because I have this other thing in my life that boosts my happiness and makes me feel accomplished, it takes the pressure off of me when my business isn’t where I want it to be.

5. It’s a designated time and space to prioritize myself. I think one of the hardest parts of running a business is balancing your work and personal life. The business always comes first and when you’re not working you feel guilty that you should be. Even stepping away for hour can feel as though you’re putting the business a risk. While I’m still trying to master the balance thing, I have realized how important it is to have some time for me. I can be a better friend, a better wife, and create a better experience for my clients if I’m prioritizing my health and mental health. There’s so many health benefits, like my sleeping has improved or my posture is better and my back isn’t as sore from sitting all the time, but there’s also the mental break that’s needed to be inspired and refocus.


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