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I had to write a special post about this bride and how amazing she is. I’ve seen many things go wrong on wedding days – things are lost or forgotten, people are late or there was even one wedding where a guest fainted! But nothing has compared to what happened on this bride’s wedding day. To give a little insight: about an hour before their beach ceremony was scheduled to begin an extreme storm came through. There were hurricane style winds, the heaviest rain, a tornado touched down close by and the power went out. Everyone was scrambling to get all the decor details put away – the groom and groomsmen were all helping put things away so no one was ready yet, even her dad was out in the rain in his suit putting things away. She just stood inside in shock looking at this insane storm and said “I need a drink!” So she found some wine and had a laugh with her girls.

Personally, I would have been bawling my eyes out, and maybe she did but she never let anyone see. She held it together and made sure things were looked after – she also had an amazing crew around her helping with every detail so I’m sure that helped settle the nerves. In the end, their back-up plan was a success and they were married surrounded by all their friends and family. Unfortunately though, all she had wanted was to get married on her family’s beach with her toes in the sand. Well she didn’t actually get that but she did get a break in the skies for about 20 minutes of beach photos. There might have been rocks and goose poo all over them but she still got those photos and had the biggest smile on her face throughout it all.

I have nothing but admiration for her and how she held it together and made sure to enjoy her day. She could have let all those things get to her but she chose to embrace it and I’m sure that had a lot to do with the fact that she was finally marrying her person and that no matter what, at the end of the day, it’s their marriage that matters most.


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